15 Chrome extensions for your e-commerce and your productivity

While your browser’s primary purpose is to allow you to “surf” the web, it also has the potential to be as useful as your favorite application.

There are several features that you can take advantage of as an entrepreneur by customizing your browser through extensions, according to your needs.

And since Google Chrome is used by billions of Internet users around the world, the most effective browser extensions have been developed to precisely integrate with this popular browser.

Here are the 15 best free Chrome extensions you should definitely look into to improve your e-commerce and productivity. 

1. SimilarWeb: analyze your competition

Extension Chrome SimilarWeb

Thanks to SimilarWeb you will be able to investigate and closely study the competition. Indeed, this Chrome extension offers you the possibility to scan the pages of competing stores and to consult the traffic of the site in question, to have visibility on its main metrics such as the engagement rate, the keywords used, the source of traffic, and many others. This will help you optimize your own SEO and stand out in your market.

Why use this Chrome extension? Having a good knowledge of the competition is essential to position yourself in a new market. SimilarWeb brings you the keys to differentiate yourself.

2. Keywords Everywhere: optimize your SEO

Extension Chrome Keywords Everywhere

Are you looking to get your site listed, but SEO is not necessarily your strong point? So find the boost you need from the Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension . Essential for e-commerce players, this extension helps you identify the most relevant keywords for your online store. Concretely, you will be able to obtain the number of searches per month associated with the keywords of your choice as well as their cost per click. Keywords Everywhere will also offer you associated keywords, those most searched for by Internet users.

Why use this Chrome extension? Mastering SEO is a major asset to make your online store visible. With Keywords Everywhere you will boost your natural referencing like no other!

3. Wappalyzer: discover the technologies used by your competitors

Extension Chrome Wappalyzer

Wappalyzer is a particularly interesting tool in the creation phase of your online store, as it offers the possibility of identifying the different technologies that are behind the online stores that inspire you the most. This will give you visibility into the content management systems used by the sites that have caught your attention, but also the analysis tools, applications, etc.

Why use this Chrome extension? This Google Chrome extension is especially useful if you are just starting out with building your online store. You will thus get a better idea of ​​what your competitors are doing and, why not, be inspired by them (a little).

4. User Agent Switcher: browse in top secret mode

Extension Chrome User Agent Switcher

As you may already know, a User Agent is a text string sent to the server when you browse the internet that allows you to obtain several information about your device (operating system, browser name and version, etc.). By using the Chrome User Agent Switcher extension , you will be able to very easily change the User Agent assigned to your browser.

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Why use this Chrome extension? By using the Chrome User Agent Switcher extension you will be able to modify your User Agent and simulate any other User Agent and thus browse the mobile version of a site via your computer or check the compatibility of your site with your browser. choice, with just one click.

5. Merci-app: write all your texts without mistakes!

Extension Chrome MerciApp

Are you responsible for writing product sheets and the content of your website, but you are not completely confident in your mastery of spelling and grammar? If you are afraid that this will impact the image of your online store, then why not use a tool that would ensure that you write texts without the slightest mistake? With the French Chrome extension Merci-app , an online proofreader, you can write all your texts without fear of missing a few mistakes.

Why use this Chrome extension?  Flawlessly written texts help improve your brand image.

6. Shoptimate: adapt your prices perfectly to the market

Extension Chrome Shoptimate

Do you have some difficulty defining your offer and finding the perfect positioning in terms of price compared to the competition? Then you will most likely find help from the Google Chrome Shoptimate extension . The latter allows you to compare the prices of the same product on your market and thus adapt your offer according to the evolution of the competition. It’s the perfect tool to make sure you always stay competitive.

Why use this Chrome extension? When looking for one’s place in a market, it is not always easy to know what prices to charge in order to be both profitable and competitive. Thanks to a tool like Shoptimate, you will have a better idea of ​​the strategy to adopt.

7. SEOquake: to become an SEO pro

Extension Chrome SEOquake

If you have a bit of digital marketing experience , you might already be familiar with SEOquake . This Chrome extension allows you, like the SimilarWeb extension, to obtain all the SEO metrics of your own site, but also of your competitors (keywords, backlinks and traffic sources). Of all the most popular Chrome extensions, SEOquake is arguably one of the most useful.

Why use this Chrome extension? Knowing the metrics of your competition inside out is a great way to learn how to better work on your own SEO and optimize your SEO work.

8.Speedtest by Ookla: check the performance of your internet connection

Extension Chrome Speedtest by Ookla

If you have large files to send, if you notice a certain slowness during your video interviews or even during your daily tasks, know that using the Chrome extension Speedtest by Ookla you will be able to perform a speed test directly from your toolbar and thus check the performance of your internet connection.

Why use this Chrome extension? With Speedtest by Ookla, you will be able to perform your speed test directly from your Google Chrome toolbar.

9. Notes for Google Drive: Automatically save all your notes and find them effortlessly

Extension Chrome Notes for Google Drive

Are you the type to accumulate notes on your phone, on your computer or even on post-its and it is clear that this organization does not suit you? If the idea of ​​being able to keep everything in one place appeals to you, then chances are you’ll like the Chrome Notes for Google Drive extension . It is one of the most practical Chrome extensions of the moment: thanks to Notes for Google Drive, you will be able to very easily create notes from Chrome and these will be automatically saved as documents in your Google Drive account.

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Why use this Chrome extension? Hyper intuitive, this Chrome extension allows you to organize your notes using a drag and drop and consult them without having to search everywhere. You will be able to better organize your ideas and above all find them without any difficulty.

10. OneTab: be more efficient

Extension Chrome OneTab

It’s an annoying habit that many of us have taken: opening a whole bunch of windows that we never close. Result: your computer is slowed down and your productivity takes a hit. If you too are used to opening a lot of windows, OneTab will be one of the best extensions you can install. Rather than closing all your windows at the risk of losing a page you need, with OneTab you can group all your windows into one to stay organized and speed up your computer.

Why use this Chrome extension? You will finally find a high-performance computer and boost your productivity at the same time.

11. Buffer: Schedule Your Social Media Posts in a Snap

Extension Chrome Buffer

You are probably already familiar with the Buffer tool, which allows you to optimally manage the timing and frequency of posts on different social networks at once. But, do you know the Buffer extension for Chrome? Very useful, this tool allows you to save even more time by adding the page you are on and want to share directly to Buffer’s queue. Allowing you to easily adapt your message and image to each social network, this extension is one of the best ways to use Buffer to share the same content across different accounts.

Why use this Chrome extension? You have the possibility to customize your message for each social network (eg 140 characters for Twitter and longer posts for Facebook/LinkedIn).

12. Momentum: stay perfectly focused

Extension Chrome Momentum

Along the lines of OneTab, Momentum is a Google Chrome extension that helps you not succumb to the urge to procrastinate, better yet, it helps you turn that new window you’re about to open into a productive reminder that you still have work to do. With a more minimalistic approach than most similar extensions, Momentum shows you reminders encouraging you to stay productive: the current time, your to-do list, an inspirational image and quote, and the goal you’ve set for yourself. set for the day.

Why use this Chrome extension? Momentum forces you to confront the current time and your to-do list each time you open a new window.

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13. StayFocusd: say goodbye to procrastination

Extension Chrome StayFocusd

If you’re the type who gets distracted at every opportunity, spending minutes or even hours surfing the internet rather than getting on with your important tasks, then the Chrome StayFocusd extension is definitely the place to go. tool you need. In order to avoid procrastinating and improve your productivity, you will be able to limit your browsing time on the sites you have defined using a stopwatch. When you reach the limit you set yourself, the Chrome extension will block the sites in question for the rest of the day!

Why use this Chrome extension? Difficult, when you are an entrepreneur, not to indulge in procrastination, by using StayFocusd you put all the chances on your side to be much more efficient.

14. Todoist: Learn to Stay Organized

Extension Chrome Todoist

When you’re an entrepreneur, lack of organization is a major enemy. By not knowing how to properly prioritize your different tasks, you lose productivity. To help you better manage your time, Todoist is the perfect tool. This solution is one of the best organization Chrome extensions. It allows you to add websites as tasks, add articles to your reading list, add business tasks to do, but also plan your day and finally complete tasks from the browser by clicking on them. ticking directly without switching applications.

Why use this Chrome extension? Like a to-do-list, Todoist allows you to have good visibility of your tasks to be done and thus increase productivity.

15. Calendly: manage your calendar with ease

Extension Chrome Calendly

When you are an entrepreneur, the various appointments and the number of tasks to manage on a daily basis can very quickly accumulate on already busy days, you no longer know where to turn and finding free time slots then becomes complex. and time-consuming. To stop taking the risk of wasting a lot of time managing appointments, use the Chrome Calendly application. This extension for Chrome is indeed a very practical tool that will allow you to make appointments more fluid by offering your contacts via a link that you communicate to them, the free slots in your schedule. It is also possible to add your free slots yourself in your body of emails, your interlocutors will thus only have to choose the time slot that suits them best. No need to exchange tons of emails to find the ideal schedule. This will save you valuable time and save the people you work with at the same time.

Why use this Chrome extension? By no longer spending indefinite time looking for available slots for your many appointments, you will gain in productivity.

Which Chrome extensions do you recommend?

Whether you’re emailing a long list of friends or trying to stay focused on a certain task, you can install these Chrome extensions to get more out of your browser.

But, this list only includes a fraction of the handy Chrome extensions that are available.

So, share with us in the comments your favorite Chrome extensions for productivity enhancement.

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