Storytelling is the art of telling a story in order to arouse emotions in the prospect or client.
These emotions must push him to react.
Whether it’s desire, pleasure or fear, storytelling is an excellent way to present the values ​​of a brand.
This strategy is also part of an approach of authenticity and quality, at a time when consumers no longer trust advertising.
92% of consumers prefer ads that sound like a story. This is where storytelling comes in.
But how do you create a compelling narrative to humanize your business? Several brands have achieved this with flying colors!

1. Netflix

The marketers behind Netflix are very good at what they do. You have surely noticed it!
This online service knows exactly how to create intrigue, engagement , and social virality with captions, trailers, music videos, and movie clips.
There’s no doubt: Netflix knows its target audience inside out and that’s the key to its success.
Their marketing team puts themselves in the shoes of its users to post hilarious messages in skit form.
The company uses situations that its audience experiences on a daily basis such as the practice of “binge-watching”, the frustration of having to wait for a season, the excitement at the approach of a new release and the fear of being spoiled.

Netflix acts as its users’ best friend. He speaks their language, adapts to their tendency and knows how to arouse emotions in them.

We understand better why Netflix France has more than 59 million fans on its Facebook page and 1.6 million followers on Twitter!

2. Nike

Nike Dream Crazier Video

Who doesn’t know Nike ‘s “Just do it” ? The logo flanked by this slogan is famous throughout the world, whether you are a consumer or not!
Over the past few years, the brand has excelled in storytelling. In fact, Nike got into the art of telling its story long before it became a marketing trend.
It has succeeded in anchoring its identity in the memory of consumers .

Their commercials are in themselves well molded scenarios. They always present a hero who must go through adventures, to finally find the secret weapon that will help him achieve his goal: a Nike product.
A notable example is the campaign for equality, broadcast in France, on the sidelines of the 2019 Women’s World Cup. Nike highlighted the disparities with the help of key athletes and inspired people to take action.
With its Dream Crazier video, the brand powerfully represents women in the sports space and their achievements in the face of adversity.

How does Nike pull off its storytelling every time?
The brand uses a strong content strategy, based on numerous videos, broadcast on different channels: site, blog, social networks, television…
In addition, Nike always uses hashtags to propel its campaigns, which makes them viral operations.
Finally, Nike relies on its partnerships with athletes to promote quotes that inspire the athletes who make up its core target.

3. Lego

Film Lego Storytelling

Is there a better example of storytelling than Lego? They took the tale literally and even made a movie!
The Lego Great Adventure features an ordinary Lego figure, called Emmet. He’s just a normal guy, but he’s the key to saving the Lego universe from the evil tyrant, Lord Business.
As a viewer of the film, you feel an instant connection with the main character.

Through this story, Lego shows the youngest that they are capable of achieving many challenges and creating things that exceed their imagination.
They do n’t just sell blocks, they sell possibilities … to be made with their toys, of course!
Indeed, the film takes the opportunity to show the different figurines of the Lego universe, as well as the constructions that can be made with its famous bricks.

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