3 cryptos that could be listed on Binance in 2022

Listings on Binance are always a boost for a crypto project. The presence of a token on the king exchange makes it possible to obtain significant visibility and to attract many investors. Focus on 3 crypto projects that could be listed on Binance before the end of the year.

Tamadoge (TAMA)

Tamadoge is a relative newcomer to the crypto gaming world . This play to earn project with a retro aesthetic is inspired by the famous Tamagotchis . It’s about raising, nurturing and evolving a charming little creature that will take the form of an NFT. At the heart of the Tamadoge ecosystem, we find the native token of the project, the TAMA . The latter is currently on pre-sale on the official website of the project.

3 cryptos that could be listed on Binance in 2022

The maximum token supply will be  2 billion TAMA . 50% or 1 billion tokens will be in circulation during the presale. Note that out of 100 tokens spent in the Tamadoge Store, 5% will be burned . A way to reduce supply and maintain buyer pressure.

The Tamadoge project is in line with memecoins , in the same way as Dogecoin or Shiba Inu. This sector is particularly popular with crypto investors . In this sense, many of these tokens have had the honor of listing on major exchanges including Binance. Among the latter, we find in particular the Dogecoin or the Shiba Inu. If successful, Tamadoge could therefore be the next to benefit from the boost represented by a listing on Binance.

Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

The LuckyBlock platform aims to compete with traditional raffle solutions. For this, Lucky Block offers a fully decentralized and blockchain-based product. Thanks to this technology, the project makes it possible to  respond to certain problems of current online draws. Indeed, this system of drawing lots is thus more transparent, fair and more profitable for the winners.

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luckyblock site

Lucky Block was one of the fastest crypto projects to reach a  market cap of $1 billion, witnessing investor interest in the project. Hosted on the Binance Smart Chain, the first draws have already taken place and are taking place on a regular basis allowing winners to pocket attractive sums.

Combining gaming and blockchain, this project has something to convince many investors and could thus be listed on the exchange giant. Over 50,000 people already hold LBLOCK, the native token, and a listing on Binance will only boost adoption of this innovative raffle system.

Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is an ambitious crypto project centered around gaming and metaverse . This Indian project aims to combine the best of both worlds to offer a unique immersive experience to players around the world. One of the strengths of the project is the many features of Battle Infinity and the multitude of options within its ecosystem.

3 cryptos that could be listed on Binance in 2022

The IBAT Premier League is a ranking system for those wishing to participate in the game, and is used to rank players. The IBAT Battle Swap is a  decentralized exchange , which quickly allows the conversion of winnings into IBAT in the currency of your choice. For its part,  the IBAT Battle market  is an NFT market place, also allowing you to upgrade your NFTs. Finally, the IBAT Battle Stake  allows users to deposit their tokens and lock them to work and earn interest in IBAT.

Metaverse projects are currently trending , as is the gaming sector which continues to convince more and more investors. Also, Battle Infinity could take advantage of this success to be listed on Binance . Still, this project has many arguments in its favour!

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These three promising projects each have strengths and a positioning that could catch the eye of Binance and subsequently its millions of users. The future will tell us if they manage to slip into the lucky cryptos and find themselves available on the leader of crypto exchanges.

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