AIDA method: definition, fundamentals and e-commerce examples

Do you know the AIDA method? This is a powerful marketing and copywriting technique for turning prospects into customers. By using the AIDA method as a frame of reference for your content and marketing messages, you will increase their effectiveness and make it easier to achieve your objectives.

In this article, we will review the fundamentals of the AIDA method and explain how to apply it to your e-commerce business and in particular to your sales pages, emails and social media posts to increase your conversion rate.

We will share concrete examples to inspire you and help you put this technique into practice.


  • What is the AIDA method?
  • How to use the AIDA method?
  • AIDA method: examples of e-commerce use

What is the AIDA method?

The AIDA method is a marketing and copywriting technique in 4 phases to lead a prospect to take action. It is based on the phases that a person goes through before making a decision, with 4 challenges for brands summarized by the acronym AIDA:

  1. Attract attention (A)
  2. Generate Interest (I)
  3. Arouse desire (D)
  4. Call to action (A)

In the first phase, you address the entire market. The people whose attention you manage to capture must then show interest in order to turn into prospects. Then, to go further, you have to create the desire. These mature prospects can then become customers if you manage to convince them to take action.

If the AIDA method is mainly used to sell, it can be applied to other types of desired actions: subscribing to a newsletter, writing a customer review , participating in a crowdfunding campaign , etc.

How to use the AIDA method?

So how do you practically use this technique and optimize your marketing messages? To help you, here are tips and tricks for each phase of the AIDA method.

1. Attract attention

The first phase of the AIDA method is attention. On the Internet, the average attention span is estimated at 8 seconds. So you have very little time to stand out and grab attention! If you want to be successful, you need to make an impact in your marketing content.

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Here are 5 ways to grab attention:

  • Use emoticons and bright colors that catch the eye : colors like red or orange are more likely to grab attention than a neutral blue or green.
  • Opt for strong images that do not leave you indifferent : rather than classic images, choose visuals that trigger an emotion.
  • Address the person directly : by addressing them directly or by using their first name in an e-mail.
  • Getting straight to the point with a tone and style that stand out : like the Asphalte brand whose slogan is: “Good clothes. Point. “.
  • Surprise with an original or quirky hook : for example by playing the humor card.

2. Generate Interest

Did you manage to attract attention? Second phase of the AIDA method: generating interest. The person who consults your content will very quickly decide if it is interesting for him or not. To convince her to read on and go further, you need to create a real connection.

Here are 5 ways to generate interest:

  • Talk about the prospect’s needs : Show that you understand what the prospect wants and what is important to them.
  • Explain the problem that your offer addresses : State the prospect’s problem that your offer can help solve.
  • Have a personalized approach : offer an offer designed specifically for the prospect, highlighting their unique needs.
  • Show empathy : put yourself in the prospect’s shoes by describing the difficulties encountered.
  • Convey emotion : Be anything but neutral and try to trigger emotion by capitalizing on the psychology of selling .

3. Arouse desire

After interest comes desire: this is the third phase of the AIDA method. The goal is to make your prospect want to buy your product. You must therefore work on seduction, with arguments that will hit the mark.

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Here are 5 ways to spark desire:

  • Highlight the advantages of your offer : detail the attributes of your product and what makes it desirable.
  • Describe the benefits to the customer : show what the customer will get by buying your product (saving time, money, comfort, style, etc.).
  • Highlight exclusivity : explain what makes your product unique or communicate the fact that you are the only one to offer this type of product.
  • Demonstrate customer satisfaction : talk about your customer reviews using verbatim or highlighting the number of satisfied customers.
  • Appeal to experts : indicate that your product is acclaimed by experts or authority figures (journalists, celebrities, influencers, nutritionists, scientific experts, etc.).

4. Incite to action

Fourth and final phase of the AIDA method: invite to action. This is where it all happens. After attracting attention, generating interest and creating desire, you must encourage the prospect to take action to convert them into customers.

Here are 5 ways to inspire action:

  • Include a call-to-action : if you want the prospect to take an action, you must invite them to do so with a dedicated button.
  • Offer a gift : To help the prospect decide, offer them a gift such as a free item or exclusive content.
  • Create a sense of urgency : To make the prospect decide to act immediately, offer a limited-time offer with an expiration date.
  • Highlight the rarity : communicate on an imminent shortage of stock or a limited number of copies.
  • Offer an exclusive discount : promote a special offer or discount, for example in the form of a promo code .
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AIDA method: examples of e-commerce use

So how do you apply the AIDA method to your marketing? We offer 2 examples who use the principles of the AIDA method to help you practice this technique yourself.

An example of a sales page for the Asphalte brand

Asphalte is a clothing brand that relies on pre-ordering. This approach allows it to manufacture the right quantities, in an eco-responsible approach. Its sales pages are very elaborate and use elements of the AIDA method.

example AIDA method sales page

Let’s take an example: the sales page for his brand new product called “ Le Bon Blouson ”. Here is how the AIDA method is implemented:

  • Attention : an attractive product title and beautiful images by the sea
  • Interest : a “Problems with your jackets” section that details the problems that prospects are facing (poor fit, loose seams, etc.)
  • Desire : the presentation of the attributes and advantages of this jacket as well as information on traceability and its environmental impact.
  • Action : a “Pre-order” button with a discount on the base price. 

LIGE Smartwatche brand

Another example of a brand that capitalizes on the AIDA method: LIGE Smartwatche brand. A perfect example is the brand welcome email received after signing up for the newsletter.

use of the AIDA method

How is the AIDA method implemented in this example?

  • Attention : an attractive product title and beautiful images of the watch.
  • Interest : to quickly generate interest, the brand has chosen to offer a promo code to benefit from a 20 USD reduction on its next order.
  • Desire: To create desire, LIGE highlights the disagne of their watches by displaying a picture of it.
  • Action: To drive action, the brand includes three buttons in their email: “Get deal here” (to use their promo code), “Learn more” (to access the brand story)
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