Best SEO practices for B2B companies

SEO or search engine optimization is one of the most powerful and underrated techniques for getting new customers for B2B businesses. However, B2B companies are not aware of this reality and work with marketing that is more oriented towards short-term results, such as PPC.

Not allocating a part of the marketing budget to SEO is a mistake. B2B SEO can change the way you market your products/services, and can help give you an edge over the competition.

If your business website is not ranking for your target keywords, you may be losing customers every day . Why? Because more than 60% of the people who make decisions in the field of B2B do not start their purchase process without first having carried out an online investigation. These are potential customers that your business could be missing out on if you’re not taking advantage of SEO.

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B2B SEO Factors

B2B SEO is about increasing the chances of your site appearing on search engine results pages when people search for a keyword relevant to the services or products you offer. Instead of you going after them, they go to you, that is, it focuses on inbound marketing . Even if your business is in a highly specialized niche or sells a product that targets a very specific market, SEO can help.

You must take into account several factors in the SEO strategy for your B2B business . Some of the most important are:

technical SEO

It is the basis for everything else to work. Having a website with basic features that search engines can index and rank will be the first step. For this, the following factors are essential.

domain and hosting

Both the domain and web hosting must be appropriate. The domain will depend on the country in which you are going to focus the business, being the most recommended in most cases a universal domain such as .com. 

The hosting must be adapted to the needs of the business. A website with a few dozen urls will not need the same capacity as a site that will generate thousands of them, and therefore more traffic.

SSL security certificate

Currently it is not an option that a website does not have the security certificate , since it is something essential 

Google is not going to allow pages that are not considered safe to sneak into the SERP*. To achieve this, you can contact the contracted hosting, and they can manage it themselves. 

Indexability and Tracking

To appear in the first positions of Google for certain searches, the pages of your website must be indexed in Google . Normally there is no need to take any action on this as Google will slowly crawl and index your pages. But, it is not convenient to index all of them, but only those that are intended to position. So, you should avoid indexing those that you consider irrelevant to Google searches. 

This measure will ensure that Google does not waste time crawling the irrelevant pages of your site, and focuses on the ones that you really want to position in the search engine. With this you will improve the crawl budget , which is the time that googlebot allocates to each site depending on its authority and quality. 

There are several ways to optimize your site’s indexing and crawling:

  • Sitemap.xml : File in which you create a structure of the important pages of your website that you want googlebot to take into account more. 
  • Robots.txt : In this file you send instructions to googlebot (or any other crawler robot) not to crawl certain pages of the site. 
  • Meta robots : It is an html tag that is used to tell Google not to index a certain page.
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4XX, 3XX, 5XX errors

Another key point will be to clean the site of errors , since a very high amount of this type of content can penalize your future positioning actions. 

You can find them using the Search Console tool that Google itself makes available to you, or with more advanced ones like Screaming Frog. 

Deindex the pages with errors, find out if you are linking to them internally and remove the link, and if they are linked externally contact the webmaster of the site and ask to have the link removed or changed. 

WPO (Web Page Optimization)

Web performance is increasingly important to Google. It is an SEO factor that has gained special importance in recent years. 

Make sure that the loading speed of your website is as fast as possible, not only on desktop, but also on mobile. 

The performance of a website can be conditioned by many factors, from the compression of the code, to an adequate hosting or, of course, an adequate format of the images. 

Mobile Friendly

Having the website adapted to mobiles is no longer an option, becoming a necessity, and more so now that Google has announced that it will track sites through its mobile version .

For this you can adapt your mobile site through a responsive design , a specific version for mobile (, or through AMP technology . Probably the first option is the most recommended although the other options could be considered depending on the website. 

Once you have the website optimized with these basic recommendations for any site that wants to rank in Google, you must start with the content of your website. It will be useless to start creating content for the user if you have not first optimized your site so that it works properly.

A good recommendation if you do not have a specialist in the workforce is to hire a marketing agency , which will have exclusive departments to improve these aspects and address them holistically.



To start working on our website and create relevant content for our users, we must know who our buyer persona is.

Buyer Person

Analyze well who your target audience is, if you can have more than one, and how they approach their purchase cycle. It is the famous purchase process AIDA (Awareness, Investigations, Decision, Action) In each step of the purchase cycle, your target audience seeks answers to different questions. With your B2B SEO strategy, you should aim to create content that answers those questions.

When we create content marketing plans, you should start with the B2B buyer customer journey , which will help you create a map that describes everything you need to know about a customer at each stage of the purchase and what new touchpoints we can create.

keyword research

Once you have defined your buyer persona , you can start creating the keyword study , which will be the pillar on which your content will be based. To do this, different types of keywords can be defined, depending on the phase of the purchase process in which the user is. 

Although keyword division can be done down to the smallest detail by creating many subdivisions, the most basic should be: 

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transactional keywords

They are those in which the user performs a search focused on a transaction , whether it is the purchase of a product or service. 

These types of words will be worked on the product or service pages . Although at first they will be difficult to position due to the high level of competition, SEO is a long-term strategy, and with time and proper SEO practices, results will begin to be seen.

In the B2B sector there is usually a lower search volume, since they are not products focused on the final customer, which are the ones that monopolize the majority of searches in search engines. That is why it may be advisable to put the technical name of the product or service even if the search tools do not give you volume data about them. 

Long tail keywords

They are informative keywords , in which the user is not yet convinced to buy a product, but is beginning to be interested in it indirectly, and is a potential customer. 

Structuring SEO around these keywords is something that Google has been encouraging for years. People communicate with conversations, not just with keywords focused on making a transaction. 

That is why it is not about creating lists of keywords without more, but about using those lists, to try to know what questions your potential clients are asking . Unfortunately this is not something a machine can do, it requires meticulous research and a broad understanding of your buyer persona. 

These types of keywords can be worked on in blog articles , and become even more important in B2B SEO , since products/services are usually more expensive or purchased in larger volumes, and therefore, the purchase decision is usually more complex and need more information and trust.

At the beginning of a B2B SEO strategy , long-tail keywords are essential since they have less competition, that is, they have less difficulty being positioned in Google, and quality traffic can be captured, helping to capture leads.

To help you get a lead, which can be filling out a form or leaving us certain contact information, downloading ebooks , infographics, guides or even small product samples works very well.

Structure the content with html tags focused on SEO

All the previous study is useless if the content that we are going to create is not adapted to the basic SEO guidelines. That is, use a correct SEO tag structure that allows Google to better understand the content. 

Title y Meta Description

As its name indicates, it is the title and description of the page , so it will be important that both are adapted to the keyword study previously carried out. 

The title is the number 1 SEO factor, and the meta description is the factor that most affects the CTR, that is, the percentage that indicates the frequency with which users who see your ad end up clicking on it.

For both to adapt to the snippet, they must contain a maximum number of characters, which in the case of the description is 160 characters and in the case of the title, 60. Although Google changes these metrics, they always remain more or less in the same extensions.

Tags h1, h2, h3…

With these, you structure the internal content of each of the pages . A clear example of the use of these tags is when you make a post, and create subtitles and subsections. Using these tags will make it easier for Google to better understand your content. 

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Although it is no longer essential to insert keywords in each of these tags, it is still convenient to do so as long as it is natural, without forcing the content.

friendly URLs

URLs are another SEO factor. These must be friendly and contain, if possible, the main keywords . For example, it is logical that a post about tools for SEO the url is;   or that a product in a technology e-commerce is;

It is that simple, but many times if it is not taken into account, URLs with parameters may be created that are not going to help you position yourself. 

Structured data (

Structured data is code tags that allow search robots to understand what type of content they are crawling. 

Depending on whether it is a product, service, post, etc, these “pieces of code” will be different. In addition, they can be used so that in the impression of the ad on the Google page, the snippet** has more information. A good example is the products, in which we can often see the price, or the rating stars even before entering the page itself. 

internal link

Although it seems that it is not given as much importance as external linking, the truth is that it is the best way to help Google understand which are the most important pages of the website. 

The most internally linked pages should be directly proportional to the most important ones. 

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When we talk about Off Page SEO, we are mostly referring to external linking . That is, to links to our site from other websites. 

First of all, you need to find out the profile of external links of the competition, and see what is working for them. Also, knowing the links you have, you can try to replicate.

In B2B SEO, company link profiles are not usually quantitative, but qualitative. That is, they generate quality links from websites that have good authority and are closely related to their service or product.

Increasing the quantity and quality of the link profile will be essential to position yourself in Google, since the authority that having an optimal link profile gives you will be essential to improve organic positioning. 


Although SEO is increasingly complicated, due to the fact that Google continually changes its algorithm, and more and more companies work on it and therefore there is more competition, the truth is that if you have a good SEO specialist team, as well as a team of marketers and developers that can complement all the proposed actions, the quality traffic of your website, and therefore the achievement of objectives, will increase considerably.

As we have already seen, everything is focused on knowing your buyer persona , giving them the content they want/need and using keywords correctly so that potential customers reach your content.

All of these strategies work because they focus on caring for consumers , and they tend to respond to this affection with loyalty and trust. 

Now that you know all the important techniques for B2B SEO communication, we invite you to implement those that best suit your business. If you still want to know more about SEO, read some of our posts .

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