Comparison of the Best NFT Games of the moment

The defining feature of NFTs is the non-fungible aspect. This makes it a unique and non-interchangeable object. We can therefore say that an NFT is a certificate of ownership that makes a digital object unique and not interchangeable.

It is recorded and stored on a blockchain which ensures its authenticity. The integration of NFTs in games therefore aims to give game objects this unique character . The importance shines through even more when you imagine an ultra-rare legendary item in a game in the form of an NFT.

The value of this NFT could reach unimaginable sums , not only because of its rarity, but also of the speculations that could be made around it. This is the whole point of NFT games.

Several NFTs games are therefore launched and among them, a few stand out. In order to identify the best, it is useful to make this comparison. Before starting, it should be noted that most of the NFT games we present are still in the works.

Soul of Nature

Soul of Nature is an NFT game that takes place in the metaverse and is themed around the preservation of the environment. It has its own token called ZOOIE.

Principle of the game

The principle of the game is quite simple, to play you will need to obtain an NFT of the game. Their number is limited to 9,271. Once in possession of your NFT you can use it to explore the metaverse of the game and earn experience.

Your NFT which will be in the form of an animal will be able to participate in missions and make you earn money. This is the Play to Earn logic that almost all NFTS games have.

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Token Value

The Soul of Nature token ($ZOOIE) does not yet have a fixed value. Metazooie Studios , the designers of this game have not given the token any real value yet.

Community interest

Community interest in this NFT game project is growing. It is due to the theme of the game, but also to the possibility that is given to explore a universe in High Definition . The immersive experience that the game offers is also an asset.

It is available both on a PC browser and on a smartphone. The game’s designers transfer 7% of the sale of NFTs after the game’s launch to organizations for the preservation of nature.

In summary Soul of Nature is an NFT game that offers an immersive experience in the heart of Nature. The launch will take place in four phases, the official launch will take place in 2023.

Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is undoubtedly the NFT game that will impact the gaming world the most.

Principle of the game

Playing Battle Infinity will be like competing in different sports. Whether in a team or solo, depending on the different modes, you will be required to earn experience and items.

These can be skins, potions, weapons, etc. These are NFTs that you can trade in the game’s marketplace. This is the Play to Earn application, and you can also earn tokens for the time you spend in the game’s metaverse.

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Token Value

The Battle Infinity token is the IBAT it has a value of $0.0015. This is the value set during the pre-sale phase of the token. It is exchanged for BNB and so far more than 6,000 BNB have been sold.

Community interest

Nearly 2 million euros have already been invested in the IBAT in less than a month. This is proof of the crypto community’s interest in Battle Infinity. Although the number of Ibats that can be purchased is limited to a maximum of 500 BNB, the sale of the token is evolving at breakneck speed.

Battle Infinity is an NFT game that integrates Play to Earn. It offers 6 game modes, the most impressive of which is the IBAT Premier League.


Decentraland is one of the most popular NFT games. It is based on a theme related to real estate, art and adventure.

Principle of the game

In Decentraland, each player has a land (LAND) or a virtual currency (MANA). Each player is free to arrange his land as he wishes without any restrictions. He can also use it to create buildings or works of art of impressive sizes.

It is also possible to buy and sell LANDs which are actually NFTs.

Token Value

Decentraland actually has two tokens, LAND and MANA. MANA is an aggregation of LAND, hence only MANA is considered a Decentraland token.

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The MANA has a value of 1.06 euros and a market capitalization of nearly 2 billion euros. During the last 12 months, it has experienced strong fluctuations without falling into the red. Its record over the last twelve months is 4.89 euros.

Community interest

The community’s interest in Decentraland is well established. The huge market cap is proof of that. The constantly growing number of players is also a data that reassures about the sustainability of this game and its token.

Decentraland is therefore an NFT game that has good performance. Its token is among the most sought after and is hopeful of increasing its value significantly in the coming months.

There are many other NFTs games that can be put in the category of the best. These include Silks and Axie Infinity , among others . They both offer innovative game concepts, and their tokens are $STT and AXS respectively. There is no information on the value of the $STT yet, but the AXS is currently worth 19.09 euros.

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