The emergence of the internet has literally changed the way data is used. Of course, knowledge is democratized today. However, governmental and non-governmental organizations have a stranglehold on everything. Just as it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.


  • Internet users’ privacy at risk
  • Government suspected of exploiting personal information
  • The new decentralized Web 3.0 revolution

Internet users’ privacy at risk

It is true that this digital world is accessible to us today. However, the consideration is not less. By publishing our information online, we waive our rights to it. These can indeed be used for different purposes. They can be exchanged for money or even used to manipulate us.

The big technology operators have used this private information. Some even go so far as to monetize them to other companies. The latter will, in turn, use our data and initiate strategies to make a profit on our deepest desires. For many, this can be a good thing. However, psychologists claim that this renunciation of privacy necessarily has devastating effects on psychology .

Let’s not forget that this influx of data can be used for different purposes. There are good ones as well as bad ones. To date, many political entities use them to “influence elections”. Note, in this regard, the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Government suspected of exploiting personal information

The searches that Internet users carry out are, for the most part, tracked, without their knowledge. This is beginning to be worrying, especially at the present time when we are moving towards demonetization. Confidentiality will therefore be a major financial issue.

In this sense, it will be possible for States and technology operators to monitor or even interfere with the transactions carried out. What we fear the most is that these organizations will ultimately dictate to us how our money will be allocated. For many, the arrival of cryptocurrency represents a beacon of hope when it comes to privacy .

The new decentralized Web 3.0 revolution

More than ten years ago, Bitcoin appeared as a precursor to cryptocurrency in the world. Since then, many decentralized products have continued to emerge. We note, for example, Swarm which is effective in the fight against the problems of confidentiality mentioned a little above. This blockchain project offers Web 3.0 which is a decentralized framework.

For information, Swarm is included in the Ethereum foundation. Described as an “ambitious” project, it seeks to provide “essential decentralization”, which allows free internet connection, data sharing and open communication.

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