Absent from the Coinmarketcap reference platform since last March, the DEFC token is available again. Good news for a project in full expansion phase, including the launch of its own DEX.

Price data available on Coinmarketcap!

Due to issues with the decentralized exchange Bitmart, DeFi Coin DEFC token price data was no longer transmitted to Coinmarketcap, the industry leader to track the price performance of a digital asset.

This problem is now behind for the holders of the DeFi Coin project. Another piece of good news to DeFi Coin’s credit is that price data now appears on Trust Wallet. Two elements that should contribute to strengthening the visibility of the project.

The launch of the DEX allows DEFC to soar!

Apart from the return of data on Coinmarketcap, the launch of the DefiSwap.io DEX  is probably the element that has had the most impact on price appreciation in recent days. The following graph shows the price of the DEFC since May 3:


It allows you to realize that the token has seen its price quintuple in the space of barely a week. All this in a largely bearish crypto market, particularly impacted by the fall of the main stock market indices.

Thus, while the token was close to $0.10 at the start of last week, it came to exceed the $0.50 mark this weekend. With a peak observed on Saturday beyond $0.56. At the time of writing, the token is trading for $0.47. A price that remains well above the price offered to investors during the presale ($0.10).

For some observers, the market sentiment remains very “ bullish ” on the asset, despite the strong rise of the last few days. Some even believe that DEFC could be one of the good DeFi surprises of this year 2022!

DeFi Coin: A busy roadmap!

In parallel with the development of the DEX, the DeFi Coin teams had their work cut out for them on many other topics. Starting with the “yield farming” tools. Tools through which crypto investors can expect APRs ranging from 30 to 75% depending on the selected term, which ranges from 30 days to 1 year.

If the asset is already available on Pancakeswap as well as the centralized exchange Bitmart, the teams are working on launching the token on other CEXs. New listings could then result in a new surge in the price. On the next expected developments, CEO Scott Ryder , announced that the management team would soon make new announcements. He expects these to have a positive impact on the DEFC token.

Among the expected developments, the founder of DeFi Coin announces the division of the main portfolio into three separate portfolios. The objective of the maneuver? Make sure to facilitate the distribution of liquidity in the centralized markets in which DeFi Coin wishes to establish itself. Other themes such as the launch of an NFT collection are also in the small papers of the thinking heads of DeFi Coin.

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