Do you sometimes experience moments of loneliness in the face of the acronyms that surround you?
The digital world is not lacking in abbreviations and expressions that designate both social networks and web marketing strategies.
Here are the essential acronyms to master to finally decode the world around you.

Acronyms for social media


If the RTs and other MPs leave you speechless, the mystery will be solved.
1. FB : Facebook
2. IG : Instagram
3. LI : LinkedIn
4. YT : YouTube
5. TW : Twitter
And since each network has its specificities, here are some acronyms specific to Twitter, which can help you.
6. DM : Direct Message. It is simply an email sent to a Twitter user. Most often the email address is available on the bio of the profile. This is also the case on Instagram.
7.RT: Also called “retweet”. When you share another user’s tweet on your profile you are “retweeting”. It is common to start a post with RT plus a sentence of your own to introduce a retweet. RT can also be used to generate engagement .

8. MT : “Modified Tweet”. This mention indicates that we take a tweet of which we modify certain elements.
9. OH : Overheard. This acronym is used when the author reports a sentence that he has just heard in real life.
Regarding Facebook the most important is:
10. PM : private message. When two people speak directly to each other through Messenger, Facebook’s messaging tool.

Acronyms for your business

Call to action

It is common to read acronyms in the field of entrepreneurship or business, on blogs or social networks.

11. B2B : Business to business. These are companies whose activity consists of offering products or services to other companies or entrepreneurs.

12. B2C : Business to consumer. Conversely, these companies sell products or services directly to consumers.

13. CM : Community manager . CMs are responsible for managing and creating content for social media. They animate the communities.

14.CMS: Content management system. It is a tool for creating, editing and publishing written content for the web. Among the most famous: WordPress.

15. SaaS : Software as a service. This is software hosted in clouds and accessible from anywhere in the world. Instead of being implemented in computers like the Office suite for example, they are hosted online. This is particularly the case with Google Docs.

Some acronyms are intended to be specific to the digital world:

16. CPC : Cost per click. As the name suggests, this is the price you pay for each person who clicks on one of your advertisements (Facebook or Google Ad for example).

17.KPIs: Key performance indicator. It is also called key indicator. These are the set of indicators to monitor to check the health of a web marketing strategy. For example, bounce rate, conversion rate etc.

18. CTA : Call to action or call to action. Essential for obtaining leads or pushing the purchase of a product or service, the CTA is a button that encourages your visitors to take action (for example: “make an appointment”, “request a quote”, etc.).

19. ROI : Return on investment or in good French: return on investment. It’s about measuring your earnings against the expenses incurred.

20. SEO : Search Engine Optimization. This concerns the optimization of content and websites for search engines. The goal is to improve the ranking in search results to get more traffic.

21. URL : Uniform resource locator. This is the web address of a site or page.

22. UX : User experience or user experience. At the center of many concerns, these are good practices for improving interactions between platforms (websites, tools, etc.) and users.

More and more customer interactions are taking place via social media. There are many acronyms there. Here are a few useful ones.

Most are English but commonly used in French conversations.

23. BTW : By the way. That is to say: “by the way”.

24. GG : Good game or in French in the text: well played.

25.IRL : In real life. In real life.

26. LOL : Laughing out loud. Difficult to translate, it is used to designate a laugh or a funny or ironic situation.

Do you know any other acronyms? Feel free to share them in the comments!

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