Floyd Mayweather promotes potential new NFT scam?

Boxing star Floyd Mayweather promotes a new NFT project. This announcement is surprising because it comes shortly after the rug pull of the Mayweverse project. One would have thought that after this scam associated with the name of the boxer, he would keep a low profile in the world of NFTs… well no!

Floyd Mayweather and his questionable ties to the NFT space

If we retrace the events, many dubious projects seem linked to the name of Floyd Mayweather. They are characterized by zero value and dev teams with absent subscribers since the mint phase. These include Bored Bunny, Ethereum Max, Moonshot, Real Floyd and more.

The latest to create controversy is Mayweverse, sold as the brand of NFT and the metaverse dedicated to Floyd Mayweather. This project looked promising with over 100,000 members on the official Discord channel. However, with its disappointing start, many people suspect these members are ultimately just “bots”.

Back to the Mayweverse project

NFT Twitter pundit @ZachXBT investigated finding that the project hasn’t posted a tweet since the end of the mint. The last one urged followers to join the Discord channel for future updates while waiting for the impending big reveal.

Taking a look at the Discord channel, we see the dismay of members whose requests for updates remain unanswered. Some were expecting autographed gloves, others an all-expenses-paid trip to watch Mayweather’s next fight on May 14. The latter replied to certain messages by telling them that they were not the victim of a scam.

Some defend the boxer and argue that he may have been tricked into supporting these dubious projects. They imply a limited knowledge of the world of NFTs. Nevertheless, the repetitive nature of the facts suggests that he is indeed at the origin of these scams.

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While digging, @ZachXBT discovered a transfer of Mayweverse revenue to two wallets a week after the mint. These amounted to approximately $200,000. Eventually, he traced the thread to wallets tied to NFT projects previously backed by the boxer.


New promotion for the Global Titans Fight Series

Today, Floyd Mayweather is back to advertise a new collection of NFTs on the theme of the “Global Titans Fight Series”. This event is considered the premier NFT sporting event in the world. It offers access to exclusive streaming of live fights from Dubai for holders of an NFT ticket. Additionally, holders would have access to limited-edition 3D items to collect. Let’s not forget that Floyd Mayweather is one of the athletes who generate the most money in terms of sports event streaming. Thus, its support for this kind of demonstrations is far from trivial.

It now remains to wait to judge the merits of this new NFT project and to observe whether the Mayweverse project could become active again.

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