How to ensure cybersecurity in a growing startup?

A startup’s prosperity largely depends on its cybersecurity choices . Often neglected, the latter is of vital importance to ensure its full growth .


  • The place of cybersecurity for a startup
    • Cybersecurity and growth of a startup
  • The best cybersecurity solutions
    • An installation to prevent intrusions
    • Invest in online security
    • Securely store or destroy unwanted documents

The place of cybersecurity for a startup

Cybersecurity is always a profitable investment for a company. It’s a fact that holds true even for companies that don’t seem to need it. It always finds its place somewhere. Indeed, both at the start and the growth of a startup, cybersecurity plays a fundamental role.

Cybersecurity and growth of a startup

Sometimes, small businesses find themselves in withdrawal very quickly, and this, from their creation. In this field, money does not make success. Raising a startup is not easy. On the contrary, it is an obstacle course and in the majority of cases, there are obstacles in the way. These obstacles, however, lead to investments, for the most part, very specific and calculated. This is where cybersecurity comes in. Indeed, it helps prevent all of that.

Very often, customers have vital information that they don’t want exposed. So there, a well-invested cybersecurity is essential. In this sense, physical security is important. Increasing it provides both more visible security, asset theft prevention, and corporate theft deterrence. It would also allow employee satisfaction, which leads to a general improvement in performance in the workplace.

This will also have an impact on the clientele , which will be loyal. Unfortunately, startups today don’t realize how critical securing physical buildings is. This is as much for the security of their online database.

The best cybersecurity solutions

Specific measures are proposed to startups on this subject. In order to ensure their security, whether computer or physical, here are the three best recommendations.

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An installation to prevent intrusions

Most startups with premises on commercial property use basic security. These are locks, bolts, padlocks or even keys. Therefore, it is useless to replace them if the premises are not burglarized. This is why complex high security locks are always a highly recommended investment.

However, that would only be a first step. Startups should also invest in a proper and fully monitored alarm system. For this, the choice is wide. An alarm system with automated contact or access to remote cameras are just as interesting. These methods make it possible to react immediately, or even better, to have an automated response. For the company, using them can make all the difference, especially in terms of loss and damage .

To be effective, a commercial security system with integrated video surveillance is recommended. Note that the cameras can be programmed and record all the data in real time. This equipment also makes it possible to access all data remotely. In the event of a break-in, the cameras will be of great help in identifying the culprits. They can even be used as evidence in legal proceedings.

Invest in online security

Securing the physical business is one thing, securing data is another. Of course, small startups are prime targets for hackers and criminals. At least that’s because most of the time their security is weak. They are more easily penetrated compared to large brands.

The main concern of these small businesses should then be to invest in an extremely reliable cybersecurity system . That said, care must be taken that said system is very difficult for malicious people to access. Another option would be to invest in an SSL certificate. As a reminder, the SSL certificate makes it possible to secure the website, from the customer’s point of view. It thus builds trust with users. Among other things, it will help from a marketing point of view because Google favors and promotes SSL-secured websites in its algorithms. This point is decisive in search engine rankings.

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Nevertheless, there are many reasons why a business does not rank well or convert online traffic to its site. Having an SSL certificate though can often be the difference between customers converting on a business site, especially on e-commerce sites.

Securely store or destroy unwanted documents

Considered a thing of the past, document shredding no longer only applies to physical documents. As a result, the company holds unwanted digital data, and in some cases even potentially dangerous. However, this data should be properly erased . Therefore, one should invest in a good program or software that could amply accomplish this task. This is particularly to ensure that this data is not only inaccessible remotely, but also to prevent the material from being stolen or misplaced.

This alternative is, for example, perfect for invoices or private e-mails. Although today’s modern offices look great, there’s nothing better than a paper shredder for any paper document.

In short, security is vital for any growing business. Its success depends on it. Startups must therefore ensure the protection of their digital data as well as that of their physical infrastructures.

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