In 2021, 995,900 companies were created in France, i.e. 17% more than in 2020 (Insee, 2021). Although entrepreneurs embark on very different projects and various sectors of activity, a common problem brings them together: how to develop your company and face up to the competition? If there are a multitude of answers to this question, one of them is certainly to equip yourself with powerful software that will make it possible to gain in efficiency.

However, high cost and complex set-up can quickly become obstacles. Fortunately, there are a multitude of online solutions that are easy to learn and at reasonable prices. For entrepreneurs, the objective remains to succeed in choosing the right ones in order to impose themselves against their competitors. Focus on the tools essential to the good development of an activity.

What tools to adopt to become a formidable entrepreneur?

Online, there is a plethora of business tools. Each of them aims to simplify the management of a part of the organization, such as accounting, customer relations or human resources (HR). For entrepreneurs, the objective is to adopt the tools corresponding expressly to their uses.

Quotation and invoicing software

Creating quotes and invoicing are among the most recurring and daunting tasks within a company. However, they must be done well, at the risk of major errors. It gets more complicated when you have a large amount of data and customers to manage. For this reason, the use of a invoicing software for freelancers or leaders is paramount.

This type of system makes it easy to manage and track published quotes and invoices. It also facilitates the archiving of these documents. Concretely, it simplifies and modernizes redundant but necessary administrative tasks. For contractors, quoting and invoicing software saves valuable time, which can be put to work on value-added tasks. It also helps to avoid errors when editing invoices, because some information is already filled in.

HR software

Within a company, the human resources department has a wide variety of functions. They range from recruiting new talent to creating training for employees. To optimize the management of all these tasks, it is a good idea to set up HR software. Not only can this help save time on a daily basis, but also reduce the operating costs of an organization to be more competitive against their competitors.

In addition to these considerable advantages, HR management tools are also useful for gaining a better overview of resources, for example to know which employees need training or to monitor their performance. All the data processed by the software is also relevant for deciding the future of an employee or the company itself.

Project management software

Organization is the key word of every company. It is essential to carry out each project, meet deadlines and calmly develop your organization. Online, there are a multitude of tools to organize, create and manage your projects.

Most of them are collaborative and allow you to assign tasks to everyone, like Trello. It is a project management software that comes in table and map form. It allows you to follow the progress of each activity at a glance. Notion, which offers the possibility of centralizing all of its notes, projects and documents, is also a tool highly acclaimed by entrepreneurs.

Software to manage your customer relationship

For entrepreneurs, the customer relationship is a strategic point in the development of their business. On this depends the increase in sales and the evolution of the notoriety of their organization. For this reason, it is essential to attach particular importance to it, and to equip yourself with powerful tools allowing you to know precisely the profiles and needs of your customers.

For this, it is necessary to equip yourself with a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) tool. There are several online that help you better understand your customers through relevant data, and thus have the necessary elements to meet their expectations and retain them.

Software to manage your social networks

In the digital age, being present on social networks is essential for the good growth of any business. Well mastered, these platforms make it possible to reach a new target, to increase its volume of sales and to gain notoriety. However, this requires creating unique content regularly on each social network.

The tools available online make it easier to manage your social media strategy, in particular by consolidating all of a company’s social media accounts. To save time, it is possible to automate the publication of content, monitor its performance and carry out competitive intelligence in a few clicks.

As you will have understood, the web is full of software allowing you to be more productive, save money and gain flexibility. The challenge remains to choose the tool corresponding to its needs, its working methods and its sector of activity.

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