Instagram, according to data offered by the Digital 2019 Global Overview study , has more than 1,000 million users worldwide. In its eagerness to maintain these figures, and even increase them, it continues to incorporate new features.

One of the latest additions to the famous photo application has copied the operation of Tik Tok, a video social network of Chinese origin that allows you to create videos of just 15 seconds with music to be able to share them later in the app’s stories.

Since the beginning of August 2020, you can already do the same on Instagram thanks to ” Reels “!

What is Instagram Reels?

As we mentioned in the introduction to the article, Reels is the new feature of Instagram , a tool that allows you to create videos from the app itself.


The videos that can be produced are exactly 15 seconds long, with the intention that users can share them in their stories. These videos can be edited, adding fragments of audio, music, etc. In addition, a multitude of effects and filters can also be applied to these videos.

Will Reels win? There is no doubt that this new Instagram tool will be a success for the app. That’s what we think, considering that the photo application has copied the operation of Tik Tok, an app that caught the attention of the younger public and that came to have more than 1,500 million users spread over many countries, mainly in the United States.

In addition, it is not the first time that Instagram has added a success to its list, inspired by other applications, for example: with the famous stories, inspired by the operation of the Snapchat app.

How do Reels work on Instagram?

The operation of Reels on Instagram is very simple. We explain below how to create videos with background music or other audio with this new tool:

  1. First of all, go to the stories of the application.
  2. The ‘Reels’ option appears at the bottom, along with other options such as Super Zoom or Boomerang. Click on Reels!
  3. After clicking on Reels, the app will give you the option to borrow audio from a video or the option to incorporate a commercial song that you want to include. You can search for these songs with hastags, just as they are searched for on Tik Tok.
  4. Take the video.
  5. After taking the video, you have the option to edit it by applying filters, or modifying the playback speed of the video or placing timed texts, among other things.
  6. After finishing the editing of the video, it can be shared in the stories, with the best friends, or through the app’s messaging.

In addition, within the ‘Explore’ section of Instagram, the ‘Top Reels’ tool is added, where the most viewed music videos will appear, which have had the most impact, the most viralized and highlighted by the community. Expert tiktokers with the most followers have here a golden opportunity to expand even further. The big question comes in: Will they choose one of the two apps? o Will they combine both apps to expand?

How is a reel created and what is it for?

Creating a Reel is easy for regular users of the app, users used to making videos with music for Instagram.


After all, it is one more function of the camera that offers the possibility of recording a video in silence to later add an audio or a song to it, apply transitions to give it professionalism, originality, and so on. We have detailed the steps in the previous section!

Another feature worth mentioning with Reels is being able to share videos with your followers and be discovered by the Instagram community with the Explore feature :

  • If you have a private account: Reels abide by your Instagram privacy settings. By sharing your Reel, only your followers will have the option to see it. Users who view your Reels will not be able to use the original audio, nor will they be able to share your videos with users other than your followers.
  • If you have a public account : you can share your Reel in any section provided by the Explore section, to reach more users of the social network. To share it with your followers, just share it on your feed. To reach more users, you can also use hashtags, songs or effects, since your Reel will appear on the pages of a certain hashtag, effect or song.

When your Reel is ready, you can save it as a draft before publishing, change the cover image or add hashtags, tag friends, etc.

When you share your Reel, it will appear in a tab within your profile where all the ones you have created will be stored. 

This new Instagram tool will provide users with much more content, original and fun videos with background music on Instagram, videos that will undoubtedly enhance the creativity of Instagrammers.

When can this functionality be used in Spain?

Currently, this new Instagram functionality has already been implemented since August 12, 2020 in Spain, both for Android and iPhone users. But previously it was already tested in other countries such as Brazil

Why was it tested in Brazil? Apparently, this country was chosen for the test version because of its musical culture, a country where this tool could quickly become successful. In addition, another detail to take into account related to the choice of country is that the TikTok app did not reach Brazil. Instagram is used to testing new features inspired by other apps in countries where such other similar apps have not been successful, thus facing lower competition.

Instagram Reels vs TikTok

Instagram Reels or TikTok? Which app is better? The truth is that the new Instagram tool is very similar to Tik Tok. Both offer their users the possibility of creating 15-second videos and editing them to suit the user, with filters and many other options.

The big difference between these two apps is that Reels can benefit from Instagram’s instant messaging while TikTok cannot. It is a great advantage of Reels compared to TikTok because it allows users to share the video with whomever they want, not only in the stories of the app, being able to limit its viewing to a certain group of people (such as best friends) or to a group of people. single Instagram contact or follower.

From Facebook, and despite the similarities between both tools, they assure that Reels is not a copy of TikTok, since the main objective of this Instagram functionality is the creation of authentic Instagram videos.

So, will Reels be able to unseat TikTok or other music video apps? Predicting what is going to happen is difficult. However, there are few things that can resist the American giant. What is clear is that the creative startup of TikTok is one of the most valuable in the world and that from it they will do everything possible to compete with Instagram Reels.

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