Restored access after Ethereum wallet was blocked by TRM Labs API

Aave had a big problem this weekend. Platform executives have confirmed that the TRM Labs API is behind the blocking of an Ethereum wallet that was “ dusted” with 0.1 ETH via Tornado Cash. However, everything seems to be going well and the crypto protocol has yet more surprises…

Urgent and critical integration

The crypto sector is evolving and more and more protocols are looking to stand out. With this in mind, Aave has integrated the TRM Labs API to improve its performance. However, things did not go as planned. Some users were having trouble logging into the Aave app.

This is due to the risk position target TRM API and block addresses that interact with Tornado Cash contracts after the sanctions. Fortunately, Aave quickly took matters into his own hands and access was restored. Falsely reported wallets can now connect to the Aave front end and are no longer part of the list of approved addresses.

Although the TRM Labs API created a lot of inconvenience, the protocol confirmed that its addition was urgent and critical. As a result, a choice had to be made that would protect users from risk.

Aave and his pursuit of innovation, an action to be congratulated!

Many people wonder why Aave agreed to integrate the TRM Labs API into its IPFS interface knowing the risks. In a series of tweet, the official account of Aave, that it remains a priority for its users. As a result, the main mission of the protocol is to create a safe and secure ecosystem for them.

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The ban issued by Aave prevented users from interacting with its web interface hosted by IPFS. However, users of the protocol can continue their operations by executing to the front end or logging in via CLI. While this is far from ideal, at least users have access to their funds.

The speed with which Aave resolved this problem shows once again that the protocol is set to offer the best services. The Aave team said they continue to innovate. To do this, he invites the public to fight for fair and open finance. However, sanctioning falsely accused addresses may cause inconvenience in the long term.

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