This Chrome Extension Automates and Combines LinkedIn and Email Prospecting

LinkedIn is an effective channel for doing B2B prospecting, but it takes a bit of time. It is necessary to identify the right people with whom to get in touch, to write a relevant message for each person, to be active under the publications… To facilitate this, there are tools like Waalaxy . It allows you to automate the whole process and carry out multi-channel prospecting in a few clicks.

Generate more leads easily

Waalaxy is an extension available on Google Chrome. It automates the generation of qualified leads on LinkedIn and by email. The goal is to be able to easily find new customers and establish contact with them. To use the tool, no technical knowledge is required. All you have to do is connect your LinkedIn account .

prospect tab of the waalaxy dashboard

The tool provides useful information about prospects. Illustration: Waalaxy.

dashboard waalaxy

Waalaxy offers many metrics to track its prospecting campaign. Illustration: Waalaxy.

If you would like to prospect on the social network, you must first select one of the message templates offered by the extension. There are several, with very different catchphrases from each other. The user can customize the content to be more relevant. The second step is to add your list of prospects via LinkedIn Search, LinkedIn Sales Navigator or a CSV file. All you have to do is launch your prospecting campaign.

The extension allows you to send seven hundred automatic invitations to LinkedIn per week. This is a great advantage when you know that the social platform limits them to one hundred. This means that Waalaxy offers more chances to connect with relevant leads.

In the event that they do not accept your request, it is always possible to discover their contact details via the e-mail search tool, in order to send them personalized messages. Thanks to the integration of Dropcontact, we make sure to obtain only verified and professional e-mail addresses. They are retrieved using GDPR-compliant search and verification algorithms. This saves valuable time in making contact.

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Note that it is also possible to automate your workflows. Concretely, this means that the user can launch a prospecting campaign as soon as an individual comments on one of his LinkedIn publications or views his profile. From a dashboard, he can follow the impact of his actions and find out more about the response rate on the social network and by e-mail.

The free version of Waalaxy allows you to use LinkedIn features, send one hundred invitations per week and schedule automatic reminders. To go further, it will be necessary to equip the paid version, offered at 59 dollars for life instead of 1600 dollars. It allows three employees to use the tool. In case you need more access, two other licenses are offered.

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