To gain visibility and differentiate yourself from the competition on the web, it is essential to put in place a formidable SEO strategy. This involves analyzing keywords, writing varied and unique content, improving the performance of your website… In other words, it’s a long-term job that requires certain knowledge.

However, there are powerful tools to improve your SEO strategy, including SheerSEO. The platform provides data allowing to have an overview on the quality of the SEO of its site, but also on the actions implemented by its competitors.

A complete tool to build a robust SEO strategy

First, you need to specify whether you want to use the tool for one or more sites. After indicating this information and creating an account, you access a complete platform offering a multitude of data. The first step is to use the data to establish a diagnosis and learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your SEO strategy.

tab screenshot "ranking" by sheerseo

The data is readable in the form of tables. Illustration: SheerSEO.

tab screenshot "website backlinks" by sheerseo

The tool also provides backlinks to use in its content. Illustration: SheerSEO.

In the “Ranking” tab, you can access the positioning of your website for specific keywords. All the necessary information is presented in the form of a table, such as the volume of visits, the rank, the device… Although the results provided are for the Google search engine, it is also possible to access those on Bing or YouTube . The “On Page SEO” tab allows him to know the elements that still need to be improved to better reference his site.

SheerSEO is also useful for knowing the positioning of its competitors, and drawing inspiration from their SEO strategies. Indeed, the tool has a database of more than a million keywords. Something to draw inspiration from! It is possible to know which keywords are used by our competitors, the volume of searches, the difficulty of positioning, the backlinks…

In this regard, the platform has a feature to find the backlinks that it may be wise to use in its content. They are proposed in the form of a list in order to find the most suitable in a few seconds. Keyword ideas are also available.

To learn more about the features of SheerSEO, a free demo is available. In case you want to arm yourself with this tool, it is currently displayed at the price of 75 dollars for life instead of 120 dollars. The offer allows you to connect a website, analyze 200 keywords and obtain up to twenty complete reports per month. To add more websites and have more possibilities, two other licenses are presented on the AppSumo marketplace.

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